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How Many Joto-Vents Do I Need?

If you’re thinking about installing the Joto-Vent System for your home, then you’ll probably wonder how many Joto-Vents are involved. Here is a simple calculator that will give you an idea how many of each part you will need. Please note that the Airtight Joto-Vent is only available with the 1 x 6 Joto-Vent.

Step 1

To start using the calculator, measure the entire circumference of the home foundation (green + orange lines in the drawing below) and enter it into the field below where it says "Linear Feet - Home".

Step 2

Once you have the linear feet of the entire foundation, measure the linear feet of the garage (orange line) alone and enter it into the field where it says "Linear Feet - Garage" (Enter "0" for the 2 x 6 Joto-Vent).

Step 3

See the calculation results right below the input fields. Be sure to double check with your architect or builder, or contact us for more precise calculation.

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