What's Joto-Vent?

What's Joto-Vent?

The Joto-Vent is the first indispensable part of the Joto-Vent System and is placed between the concrete foundation wall and the wooden sill plate to provide passive airflow around and through the entire perimeter of the home’s crawl space. The following interactive 360-degree viewer is meant to help you visualize and understand the product. Feel free to spin, zoom or move around it to view the product's details from all angles and sides (see the "Navigation Basics" below).

360-Degree Product Views

Navigation Basics

  • Orbit around
    Left click + drag or
    One finger drag (touch)
  • Zoom
    Double click on model
    or scroll anywhere or
    Pinch (touch)
  • Pan
    Right click + drag or
    Two fingers drag (touch)

What is Joto-Vent Made of?

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, social awareness turned toward the problems of industrial waste plastics and the method of treating incineration ash from thermal power plants and blast furnaces...

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Wherever you trust a wooden sill plate, you can trust the Joto-Vent System

With the Joto-Vent being installed between the concrete foundation and the sill plate, it supports the entire weight of the house. Some people may wonder "Will it crush?"

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