2" Reveal Soffit Vent

2" Reveal Soffit Vent 

The 2” Reveal Soffit Vent's unique design hides the ventilation openings from the exterior of the home. Made of galvanized steel, the 2” Reveal Soffit Vent is durable and fits with standard panel material. Available in white or black with an NFVA of 4.1 sq.in/lf.

SV2-0809-WT / SV2-1209-BK

SV2-0809-WT / SV2-1209-BK
Soffit Vent Drawing
Product No: SV2-0809-WT
Length: 9 ft (2,730 mm)Soffit Board:  1/4” to 5/16” (8 mm)
Color: WhiteMaterial: 28-Gauge Galvanized Steel (Colored Galvalume)
NFVA: 4.1 sq.in/lfPackage: 6 pieces / box

Product No: SV2-1209-BK
Length: 9 ft (2,730 mm)Soffit Board:  3/8” (12 mm)
Color: BlackMaterial: 28-Gauge Galvanized Steel (Colored Galvalume)
NFVA: 4.1 sq.in/lfPackage: 6 pieces / box

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