Airtight Joto-Vent

1x6 Airtight Joto-Vent

The KPK-N140U Airtight Joto-Vent is used to create an air barrier between the garage and crawlspace and also can be used for slab on grade and entry areas. Use of the Airtight Joto-Vent allows for continuous use of the 1 x 6 Joto-Vent and consistent height around the entire perimeter of the foundation when used with the Joto-Vent. EPDM Foam strips and connectors on each end have been added to create an even tighter seal.


KPK-N140U Drawing

Product No: KPK-N140UDimensions: 5-1/2” x 3’ x 3/4” (140 x 908 x 20 mm)
Sill Plate: 2 x 6Material: JC (Calcium Carbonate + Polyolefin Resin), EPDM Foam 
Color/Pattern: BlackPackage: 16 pieces / box (2 EPDM Foam Pads included)
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