1x6 Insect Prevention Strip

1 x 6 Insect Prevention Strip

The 1 x 6 Insect Prevention Strip is a galvanized steel plate conforming to ASTM A792 called “galvalume”. It has a minimum opening of 1/8 inch, which provides efficient underfloor ventilation while also providing an insect prevention. By combining with Z-Covering with smaller protruding dimensions (sold separately), it can minimize the impact on the aesthetic appearance while preventing deterioration of the bottom edge of the siding. This Insect Prevention Strip is ICC-ES approved.


KIP-1-10 Drawing
  • Product No: KIP-1-10
  • Dimensions: 10'(3030 mm)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: 28-Gauge Galvanized Steel (Colored Galvalume)
  • Package: 10 pieces / box
  • Minimum ventilation opening dimension: 1/8 inch
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