More About the Joto-Vent System

More About the Joto-Vent System

The Joto-Vent System® is a method for crawl space ventilation that is modeled after Japan’s traditional construction method.

Japan is haunted by many earthquakes, and has a climate that is hot and humid in summer and cold in winter. Therefore, houses are designed with a focus on good ventilation and comfort in summer. Before modern times, most houses were light wooden constructed buildings built in the post and beam method, and which are highly earthquake-resistant. This building method along with good ventilation throughout the house the crawl spaces under the floor and in the attic contributes to the houses being highly durable by keeping the wooden frame dry and preventing their deterioration. Also, it increases the houses earthquake resistance by protecting the wooden frame against insects and rot.

The Joto-Vent System® method prevents the weakening of the home’s structure and maintains the structural integrity.

The Joto-Vent System revives a traditional construction method involving the insertion of members called “neko” (made of oak or other kinds of wood) between the sill plate and the foundation to ensure good ventilation. Our updated system employs a composite material, instead of traditionally used wood, to improve durability, clarify construction rules and simplify construction. The Joto Vent separates the concrete foundation from the wooden sill plate to prevent moisture in the concrete from permeating the wood, ventilates the crawl space to facilitate the drying of the wood and soil without cutting any openings in the concrete foundation or the rim joist framework. Therefore, our system also has an advantage by preventing the weakening of the original structural strength of the concrete foundation and the rim joist framework.

For more than 45 years, Joto-Vent System® has been the standard in home ventilation in Japan and is now available in new home construction in the United States.

The Joto-Vent System is a new system for the US Market, but it has been used successfully in Japan for the past 45 years and it is their standard for crawl space ventilation. Nearly all houses being built with crawl space in Japan use this type of foundation vent system. We were certified by the IAPMO (The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) in January 2015. The Joto-Vent System has been used in the US successfully since 2015, and well recognized by the building industry. 

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