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Eugene, OR

While designing our house, I realized that our stem wall was going to be too short to use the standard plastic crawl space vents that are very common in the states. Plus, I wasn't looking forward to using them anyway because in my opinion the vent boxes detract from the clean exterior look of the house and don't do a very good job. After a bit of internet research, I found the Joto Vent System. I never knew such an ingenious product even existed and was happy to spend the little extra money for the added benefits and quality it adds to our home. To have the full range of cross ventilation, the continuous rebar in the stem wall, and the reduction of weak points in the stem wall gives me the peace of mind that my home is built to last. Also, the look is much more sleek than cheap plastic vents!


Erik de Buhr, Director of Programs
Community Supported Shelters

Atlanta, GA

The Perimeter System that Joto has developed represents a giant leap forward in innovation, function and design for crawl space ventilation in new home construction. It fits well with our firm’s core values of design and sustainability.


Bellevue, WA

The Joto-vent System for crawl space ventilation has been installed in 2 of my projects and I am a believer. I’ll never go back to cutting vent holes into rim joists and foundation. Installation is easy and quick. I wish I had known about Joto sooner!


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The Joto-Vent System® is a BUILT GREEN product for moisture control, air flow efficiency, and the option to NOT use treated sill plate.

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