How It Works

Maximizing Cross Ventilation

The Joto-Vent System is a crawl space ventilation system utilizing natural air flow. Unlike the traditional spot ventilation method, it allows maximum cross ventilation of air flow into the crawl space from the complete circumference of the building foundation, leaving NO dead air pockets in the entire crawl space.

How does it work?

The Joto Vent System is comprised of two main parts: 

  • The Joto-Vent Component (or the Joto-Vent Air-blocking Component)
  • The Joto-Vent Architectural-Covering

The Joto-Vent Component and the Joto-Vent Architectural-Covering are always required and meet the minimum opening requirement of 1/8-inch (3.2 mm) in IRC's Section R408.2. 

The Joto-Vent Air-blocking Component is used to the block the air when the crawl space is built next to the garage to eliminate contaminated air flow into the crawl space.


Since the Joto-Vent sits on top of the concrete foundation and under the sill plate, the sill plate is NOT in direct contact with the concrete. Thus, per IBC / IRC code the sill plate does not required to be treated lumber. This is a great cost-saving solution while allowing the builder to apply for more BUILT GREEN points.

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