Message from the President of Joto Techno Co., Ltd.

Building Homes That Last a Lifetime is Our Mission

Since our establishment in 1960, our employees have been united in the efforts carrying forward the motto "manufacturing products to satisfy our customers with our innovative technology." 

We aim to manufacture "innovative products characteristic of Joto" incorporating our spirit of flexible thinking and approach to the unconventional, developing housing components and construction methods based on the opinions of our customers and construction sites while also aiming to build "durable homes." 

On the other hand, if you turn your attention to the circumstances surrounding society, it cannot be said that a bright future is promised for the building industry. However, we are determined to proactively cultivate new markets and create demand, never forgetting that pioneer spirit at the time of our establishment. 

We will step up our efforts to develop products of high functionality and high added value, and promote community-base and proposal-based sales activities to accommodate requests from our customers and construction sites. Your continued support and partnership would be greatly appreciated.

-Yasuaki Suehisa, President of JOTO TECHNO Co., Ltd.

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