Company History

October 1960: Shiro Suehisa establishes a private company "Joto Kasei Kogyosho" in Joto-Ku, Osaka City, manufacturing and selling plastic products starting mainly with extrusion molding.

October 1961: "Joto Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd." established. Shiro Suehisa appointed as representative director.

December 1971: Company launches basic research into composite materials.

May 1973: A research grant on important technology by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry approved for "composite material manufacturing equipment."

May 1973: US Patent for Joto-Vent System issued.

April 1974: Composite material manufacturing equipment "Joto Process" completed.

1976: "Joto-Vent System" launched to market.

August 1999: Company obtains ISO 9001 certification.

November 2001: Company name changed to "JOTO TECHNO Co., Ltd."

March 2004: Cumulative number of homes build using the "Joto -Vent System" reaches one million.

January 2015: "Joto-Vent System" certified by IAPMO UES.

May 2015: "Joto-Vent System" first sales in USA.

July 2016: Cumulative number of homes built using the "Joto-Vent System" reaches 4 million.

February 2017: Joto-Vent System USA, Inc., established. 

September 2017: "Joto-Vent System" certified AIA CE presenter.

April 2018: Cumulative number of homes built using the "Joto-Vent System" reaches 4.5 million.

May 2019: "Joto-Vent System" certified by ICC-ES.

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